Posted by:Ranjani Rao November 29th, 2013

Take a look at a ground-breaking mobile app such as everyone’s favorite FT app. The Financial Times app has caught on so quickly and is used on literally every mobile device because it’s an HTML5 app. What makes the difference here?

Well, Consider This

  • Really quick development and testing cycles, quicker than for a native mobile app
  • Really quick deployment cycles, and therefore quicker access to feedback on functionality

So, Ready To Talk About Impact Of HTML5 On Mobile App Development?

We can wrap it up in a few points here. It’s all quite simple, really.

New Realizations: Developers are realizing that even if one opts for a ‘native mobile app’, it makes sense for most of the code to be web-based. Who’s joining this crowd of believers? Well, big guns like FlipBoard and FaceBook, for one.

UI Understandings: Mobile developers are finally getting it – it’s all about the UI. They no longer obsess over what their site design looks on a standard 1024×768 display. They’re quickly shifting their thinking to rendering content based on device’s screen size. How? By using web-based techniques and media queries.

Social Embarrassments: Seriously – no mobile app developer worth his or her salt can focus only on desktop development anymore. It’s literally a social embarrassment to design a desktop site which doesn’t render on smaller screen sizes and resolutions. Taking the FT Web app as an example, you can quickly see the advantages offered by HTML5 for mobile development.

  • The FT app is available on Apple devices via Safari browser
  • FT is available as an Android app, accessible on both large and small-sized Android tablets and phones

So if you’re still debating on whether to go native or build a mobile web app, we have these final words for you. It’s no longer a choice. Just focus on building the best user experience you can. That means all screen sizes.

Have you done mobile app development using HTML5? What do you really like about it? Leave a comment.

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