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Did you know that 70% of current mobile apps are abandoned? That leaves a mere 30% of the apps that get the nod of the final users.

Well, what then, makes an app appealing?

Simply put, User Experience. Most app designers fail to capitalize on fundamental design principles. And as we know, design can make or break an app.

So, what are those sins that will lead users to shun your apps?

Sin # 1 – Not putting yourself in the shoes of your audience

Know thy user. Create a user persona to understand the goals and context of the app. This will help you decide app style, typography and layout. This is exactly what sets apps like Yahoo! Weather or DropBox apart from others.

Sin #2 – Not knowing the difference between a mobile website and an app

Mobile websites are just that; websites designed for smaller screen displays and touch interfaces. But, an app is downloaded and installed on your mobile device. And that is a key difference to consider while designing for either. Try it, compare eBay’s mobile website and the eBay App.

Sin #3 – Not managing the screen real estate

Mobile screen space is at a premium. Use white space creatively, place app controls for accessibility and visual cues that anticipate next steps. These small details can lead to a seamless user experience. Red Stamp has got it just right!

Sin #4 – Not defining information flow across screens

Build a plan to define the sequential flow of events or processes across screens. Keep users informed with alerts and use visual feedbacks. Pinterest has a visual flow that everyone just gets.

Sin #5 – Not using the features of the phone itself!

Design for an effortless and intuitive user experience by using innate device features such as camera, accelerometer, GPS etc. For example the mic can minimize typing making it user friendly, on the go. We do that everyday on WhatsApp, right?

Sin # 6- Not capturing failure early

Test, Test and Test again. Across targeted platforms and devices, under demanding conditions and what-if scenarios; be it bad network or bad weather. Flipboard is a good example.

Sin #7 – Not respecting the KISS principle

Keep it simple and focus only on the users’ needs and requirements. Resist the temptation to incorporate too many features into an app. Shazam has done this incredibly well.

So, no more sins, only good design that users will come back to again and again! Feel free to add in a sin that you have come across.

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