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How many meters away from the coffee machine? (Indoor Positioning System)

Posted by Richard Smith

Tue, May 5, 2015

GPS has become a must-have part of our life today. From assisting us to reach our destination to guiding the nearest Uber car to our location, it has become an integral part of the business as well as the consumer world today. But GPS comes with its limitations such as when you enter a building or an underground tunnel.

To overcome these challenges, positioning technology is moving ahead with the indoor positioning system. This technology today can be accurate to an extent where it can pinpoint to the floor you are on and how many meters away from the coffee machine.


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Enterprise Mobility, 2015 and beyond

Posted by Shyam Deval

Thu, Apr 30, 2015

One part of my role here at BTC is to keep tabs on the pulse of the Enterprise Mobility market.That involves understanding the new technology trends, product directions and investment trends as they relate to adoption of mobility in organizations.Mobility is a complex marketplace where companies have to face rapid technological advances, difficulty in understanding use cases for Enterprise mobile apps beyond the obvious, somewhat baffling (at least at first) but very clever partnerships such as IBM and Apple as well as ever evolving regulatory environment.And these are just few of the many factors that play into decisions around Enterprise Mobility initiatives in companies.I recently came across some fascinating finding in a survey conducted by ‘Enterprise Mobility Exchange’ about the state of the Enterprise Mobility in 2015 and beyond.


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Android Wear - What's New ?

Posted by Nithin Rao

Wed, Apr 22, 2015

Android Wear is an edition of Google's popular Android operating system and is designed exclusively for smartwatches and wearables. With Apple Watch gaining favorable reviews, Google has been working hard to make sure it keeps pace with it. Till such time that Google can pull off support for the iPhone, here's what current Wear device users can look forward to!


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Where MEAPs Really Win

Posted by Ranjani Rao

Wed, Apr 15, 2015

A Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) with an initial cost of investment may seem to be too high when an enterprise is starting off with just an app or two. But this is just the first step into mobility. To be competitive, enterprises have to look at going mobile across all their offerings – be it applications for their customers, their sales force, their field force or their employees. This only means that the number of apps in an enterprise’s portfolio is going to grow and also change.


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Enterprise Mobility - Decisions, Decisions

Posted by Shyam Deval

Wed, Mar 25, 2015

As the mobility revolution moves from the consumer app space into the realm of Enterprise Mobility, companies of all sizes have to make decisions around how best to leverage the mobile apps in increasing employee productivity and efficiency while positively impacting overall business outcomes.  These decisions involve myriad technology choices such as ‘build vs. buy’, devices and OS platforms to support, if to allow employees to bring own devices (and now wearable’s) or not, how to handle data security as well as how best to expose data from the current Enterprise systems and whether to leverage a MEAP platform to manage this mobility infrastructure. Of course the biggest elephant in the room is to figure out how to define and measure ROI for any mobility initiative.


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Topics: Mobile App Development, Mobility for Enterprises, enterprise mobility, enterprise mobile strategy, Mobile Enterprise Application Platform, SAP Mobility Platform, IBM MobileFirst

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