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Will mHealth and crowdsourcing commoditize health care treatments?

Posted by Richard Smith

Fri, Apr 18, 2014

There are 1000s of mobile apps to help people with healthcare a fitness. There are 100s if not 1000s of devices that can monitor the human body and transmit vitals and activity data to a smartphone app.

Not much of this data is reaching healthcare providers to help them manage the treatment of patients, but there are many healthcare organizations at work taking on the challenge of integrating mHealth apps into their clinical workflow. 


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Will Your Medical Device Sales App Pass These 3 Tests?

Posted by Richard Smith

Wed, Apr 16, 2014

Apps have been making news in the field of medical devices for a few years now. What started off as simple apps to convert the abundance of literature into a compact, digital visual experience has morphed into so much more. Videos, Demos, Simulations, Prospect Education, Sales Analytics, Comparison Charts … the scenarios and potential uses are both overwhelming.

The entry of sophisticated mobile devices in the market has fueled the growth of more groundbreaking custom mobile apps and has changed the face of medical device sales forever. More content, more engagement, more sales. All good, right?

But, in the midst of all the hype, there are three critical factors that a good medical device sales app should adhere to, at all times. Read on and see if your app makes the cut. 


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Decentralization of treatment decisions and the rise of patient engagement! [INFOGRAPHIC Inside]

Posted by Richard Smith

Tue, Apr 15, 2014

Patient engagement was never considered a quantifiable, measurable benchmark in hospitals before the introduction of healthcare acts. To ensure patient engagement is taken seriously by hospitals, Medicare and Medicaid have tied incentives to patient engagement. Patients have become active participants in their own care. Doctors have to discuss treatment options in detail with their patients when making decisions on their treatment.

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Investor satisfaction is directly proportional to Advisor communication

Posted by Ranjani Rao

Mon, Apr 14, 2014

"In the 2013 study, advisor firms with the highest satisfaction scores contacted investors more than 12 times during the past year, while those with lower scores only contacted investors approximately six to eight times" Craig Martin, Director of investment services at J.D. Power & Associates.

Should you care about this? Absolutely!

71% of highly satisfied investors will increase their investments by more than double and provide more recommendations according to the study conducted by J.D. Power & Associates.

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Topics: Mobility for Financial Services, Mobile Apps for Advisors

3 Lessons Every Retailer Has To Learn From Starbucks’s Mobile Success Story

Posted by Ranjani Rao

Fri, Apr 11, 2014

Wake up and smell the coffee.

Starbucks made over $1 Billion from mobile transactions last year.

Yes, billion with a 'B". From payments made in-store. At the register. On a mobile phone. 

According to data from BI Intelligence, 10 million customers use Starbucks’s mobile payment and loyalty app program in nearly 5 million transactions every week in the US. This exceptional success is a result of intelligent leveraging of the mobile platform by Starbucks and has set a rather formidable benchmark among other retailers.

So, what did Starbucks do right and what lessons can retailers learn from their phenomenal accomplishment? I will list 3 key takeways 


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