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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Mobile App Testing

Posted by Leesa John

January 30, 2014 at 11:59 PM

Ask any mobile app developer about mobile app testing and you’ll get an earful. You might even wonder what the fuss is all about. After all, it’s about ensuring quality, functionality and performance. Right! But when it comes to those small devices we cannot live without, things are much more complicated than that.

Here is a cheat sheet on app testing that will come handy while planning a mobile app development project.

Device Testing

All major device types – Apple, Samsung, LG, Sony and the restmobile app testing


  1. Consistent performance across screen sizes and resolution
  2. Performance of multiple keypad types – virtual keypad, hard keypad, touch pad
  3. Validation of memory, CPU, OS optimization, hardware optimization

Design Testing

Testing core functionality


  • Consistent experience across various devices, OS versions, screen sizes and resolutions
  • Validating the time taken to access app services offline
  • Checking for wrong responses during service downtime
  • Validating smooth work flow and the flow of information and transition between screens
  • Validating app performance against app goals

Platform Testing

Testing on multiple platforms – Android, iOS, Windows


  • Consistent performance on various operating systems and different versions of these OS

Performance Testing

Testing performance and load stress


  • Validating performance when memory, space and network coverage are low
  • Testing app behavior during high-load times
  • Testing for overuse and misuse of memory and temporary file management
  • Control of local database size
  • Garbage generation
  • Testing behavior during interruptions – calls, SMS, notifications

User Experience Testing

Testing usability and user’s comfort level


  • Text visibility
  • Verification of functionality
  • Navigation to bookmarks, FaceBook, reviews, and screens
  • System interaction feedback
  • Text inputs and buttons on each screen

The ultimate goal of mobile app testing is to achieve an error-free, widely-compliant app that performs magnificently on every device. Hope this list helps What are your must dos in mobile app testing?


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Image Source: http://www.kualitatem.com/how-to-test-mobile-application-in-five-simple-steps/

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